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My name is Jacob John Kovacs. My friends, colleagues and clients call me "Jack." I live and work in Los Angeles and have been a professional musician for over fifteen years. As a recording guitarist and arranger, my credits include Lady Gaga, Masego, Matt Mason, Brian Hargrove, Rozzi Crane, Harry Mack, Rozwell Fitzroy, and countless others. For several years I was a member of the writing and instruction team at Fender Play, helping to produce hundreds of online tutorials and transcriptions for thousands of aspiring guitar players. I performed on TV's "Glee" and "Vanderpump Rules." To date, I have recorded three EPs as a solo artist.


When I was applying to music schools, I was rejected from two of my top three choices.


Though I was performing to the best of my ability at the time, there were many gaps in knowledge between myself, my private guitar teacher, and my mother (who herself is a school counselor of over 30 years); not just the answer to "Am I good enough?" -- But "How can I best convey my abilities and proficiencies?" Those rejections happened during the pre-screening process, and I never earned the chance to audition in person at those institutions. I was fortunate that my #1 choice and eventual Alma Mater, USC Thornton School of Music, conducted in-person auditions without a pre-screening. Today, nearly all major institutions require applicants to demonstrate their abilities via recording and video before the first in-person meeting even takes place.

For aspiring music students and their families, there will be what feels like an overwhelming number of tasks, factors and unknowns that accompany the music school application process. For their school counselors or private teachers, they may feel uncertain about giving advice when it comes to the specific needs pertaining to their students and the audition requirements that await them. This is why I founded SoundBound Prep: to offer my technical skills and accumulated wisdom from years in the music industry, as a resource for aspiring musicians, their families, and support network. I'm here to offer perspective, connect you to that life-changing private teacher, or produce and mix a recording or video that showcases your talents on a whole new level. 

If you are an aspiring music student, I understand how you feel if you're just exploring what it means to study music, and potentially have a career in this spectacular field. I'll never forget returning from the Berklee 5-Week summer program my sophomore year of high school, and knowing deep within my heart I could do nothing else but pursue music. If you're the parents, teacher or school counselor of such an audacious spirit, you may have wondered how to be encouraging and supportive, but realistic and knowledgeable about expectations and the logistical challenges that lie ahead. I invite you to read on about my services, or better yet set up a time to meet with me for a free 15-minute consultation.

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Ensure that you, your family, music teachers, and college admissions guides are ready to take on the daunting & numerous extra tasks that come with applying to music schools.

Our services include consultations with college admissions specialists, financial aid guidance, scholarship information, audition prep and more. For talented and dedicated musicians, we believe it's not a matter of "if" you'll get into music school, but rather "when" and "where". We help students and families maximize their potential, while also giving career-bound students a running start into their first year of music school.

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Our Private Lessons include Instrument / Discipline-Specific Lessons, Mock Auditions, Ear Training, Music Theory Tutorials and more.

We also pair students with world-class music teachers and industry professionals, who will cater towards specific goals and aspirations. Whether students seek insight about certain institutions, life experience from living in various music cities and scenes, or key knowledge pertaining to a certain instrument or style, we are here to facilitate a meaningful connection between student and mentor.

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Sound Bound Prep offers a range of Auxiliary Services to enhance the skills of young talent. 


Today's college music application process presents technical demands, such as presenting a recording or video. There will also be a degree of knowledge many institutions will expect a prospective student to have studied pertaining to their area of concentration. We offer numerous services to ensure performers showcase their talent to their greatest potential. These include Studio Production Services, Audition Reel Production, Video Production, Practice Track Production, Sight Reading Etudes, Transcriptions, Ear Training, Music Theory Tutorials and more.

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